The possibility of iPad HD and iPad 2S in 2012

A lot of speculations have been made with regards to the new iPad that is expected to be released early 2012. Experts believe that Apple, amid the growing number of worthy competitors will significantly expand its tablet lineup and they could be the first to offer a third generation iPad with hi-res screen next to a faster and improved ‘iPad 2S’ but with the same resolution as its forerunner. A discounted iPad 2 is also seen hitting the market early next year.

Ben A. Reitzes, an Analyst with Barclays Capital said that there is a huge possibility that Apple will keep the iPad 2 in circulation even if the real iPad 3 which is expected by the public to be released sometime early next year is launched. With a number of tablet competitors showing some great potential, Apple will have to compete with them on the same note which is the price. So there is a huge possibility that the iPad 2 16 GB version will be sold at a much lower price and make it their entry level tablet much like what they have done with iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4.

Apart from this looming possibility, Reitzes also added that Apple could and just may introduce a new and faster iPad 2 which will have a Siri integration and a faster processor just like the latest iPhone 4S. However, there could be plans that Apple will still launch a new iPad 3 sometime in March and it will set itself apart by featuring a new high-def Retina Display in line with its Siri integration and a faster processor. There are numerous reports that surfaced about Apple signing a deal with Sharp to build their LCD panels for them for the next generation iPad. The rumors are corroborated with the fact that iPad is eyeing to integrate a full feature high resolution display much similar to the retina display which was introduced by Apple in its iPhone 4 in 2010.

The new display for iPad 3 is expected to carry the IGZO technology which is an abbreviation for indium, gallium and zinc. Most of these are still rumors but should the new LCD panel is included in the features for iPad 3, it will have a resolution of up to 330 dots per inch without requiring for an IPS technology to enjoy a much superior viewing angle now found in iPad 2. The IGZO display technology is also thought to enable Apple to utilize a single bar of LED as its display backlight as oppose to the belief that Retina Display that is an IPS based will be requiring up to two LED backlights. Should this happen, the next iPad 3 will certainly be a lot thinner and will have a potentially better and longer battery life.

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