What to Expect from Windows 8 Development

With the great response Microsoft has been getting for Windows 8.1, it has become a lot more difficult to decide whether Windows app development is worth your time. A platform which was always in the shadows of the forerunners Android and iOS, Windows today has found a way to grab the attention of the developer. Let us look into Windows app development and analyse whether it is finally time to get into it.

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet is one reason you should get excited about Windows 8 development. Plotted against the iPad and Samsung tablets, Microsoft’s own tablet will completely rely on Windows 8.

As a developer your main concerns probably are: documentation and the quality of tools available. With an updated Visual Studio and Microsoft’s BizSpark program which provides development tools on the cloud they have proved their mettle when it comes to software. Windows 8 Development Center’s detailed and thorough documentation will not fail to impress you and will effectively guide you through the entire development process.

The Windows app market has a lot of room for new developers and innovative apps. You can expect considerably less competition than you would expect in Android and iOS development environments.

However Windows 8 app development does come with its fair share of disadvantages as well. First, if you want complete compatibility with the OS, you will probably have to rewrite your entire app if you have written it for a previous version of Windows. This will put established app developers and rookies on a level playing field. The Windows App Store is set to get tougher on its developers. They are going to be stricter with their approval, and though this will ensure superior apps, it might not be too fun for the developers. Also, Windows 8 throws a whole new interface to deal with . Any good app, must have a phenomenal interface to become popular, and this might be challenging with Windows 8.

Yes, Windows 8  app development might not be the easiest to deal with and you might find yourself spending more than you want on development tools. However, if the current trends are to continue, it might just be worth it.