User Experience and User Interface

The market is flooded it with apps today. With the wide variety  available for them, the users are only getting more picky. Users scrutinize and critique every aspect of an app. To get ahead in this crazy competition good reviews and loyal customers are the key. And the easiest way to get them? Interface and Experience. UI and UX matters a lot to your customers and will help build acclaim and loyalty. Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind while designing the interface of your app.

Keep it simple, silly

Do not overload your application with too many design elements or colors. You probably wont be able to fit everything you planned in there. But that is OK. When it comes to design less is indeed more. Your color scheme should have at most 4 colors and your theme should be uniform throughout. Tilt towards light, pastel and pleasing colors rather than showy and overly bright ones. A muted design will look the most professional. Be simple with the text as well. Smaller words, lines and paragraphs are always better.

Lines have blurred

Lines are out. Don’t divide your sections using lines, rather use design elements and spacing as a divider. By eliminating lines you clear up some space and create a neat and uncluttered page. Also blurring is quite the rage now, especially while using layers. Blurring is an effective way of establishing hierarchy in the application giving the user a sense of direction without having to add additional UI elements. And yeah, layers is definitely the way to go too. It will give your app a 3 D feel, and will make the app look, well, beautiful.

Its all in the thumb

Most users prefer to use their thumbs alone for all navigation, so make your application”thumb- friendly”. Make navigation easy. Your goal should be to minimize the amount of effort the user would need to use your app. Your users will be lazy, pamper them.

When it comes to UI perfection is a must. According to Praveen Narra, CEO at Indyzen Inc,   app developers now spend as much effort on UI and design then they do on coding. Spend some time and thought on UI and UX to create a great app.