Cortana: The Perfect Personal Assisstant

Mobile Operating Systems, iOS and Windows have always been competitive. With the widespread popularity of iOS’s personal assistance service Siri, it is not surprising that Windows 8.1 launches Cortana, their own personal assistant. All set to compete with Siri and Google Now let us take a look into Cortana, and what the future might hold for it.

Cortana The Perfect Personal Assisstant

Like Siri, you can ask Cortana just about anything. From the weather to the score of your favorite team, Cortana has it all covered. What appears to separate in from Siri, is the slightly more personal feel. While Siri would tell you the scores when you ask her, Cortana will remind you to watch the game. You can teach Cortana about your preferences, and she becomes almost lifelike. Be it remembering your favorite cuisine, you favorite team or the political party you follow, Cortana will tell you all about it. And the best part is: You don’t even have to ask her. As soon as you power her up, she is ready with all the updates you would want to hear and she reminds you of all the events you wouldn’t want to miss.

One more reason why I believe Cortana has an edge, is because unlike in Siri you can type in the instructions for her as well. I personally had quite a hard time trying to get Siri to understand my accent and this seems like a nice option to present. You no longer have to be worried about whispering instructions to Siri during a meeting, you can just type it for Cortana.

Cortana will be with you for every need. She will remember when you want to take a nap, how you want to prioritize your meetings and whose call you want to avoid. Windows might have just pulled off the impossible. They have managed to create the perfect assistant.