A Mobile Website or a Mobile App

In today’s generation of technology, if you have an enterprise the best marketing tool and most effective way of connecting with your customers is through a website. And with almost everyone using their phones as a channel of information, your enterprise needs a mobile website or an app to stay ahead.

So what is the difference between a mobile website and a mobile application?  How do you decide which one of them to build for your enterprise? A mobile website is just like a normal website, except it is made to suit a smaller screen. Its framework is such that it looks neat and compact on mobile screens while maintaining the main design ideas of your website. It is extremely easy to build mobile compatible versions of your website and hence is economical as well.

mobile website and mobile apps

Then why should you build a mobile application when it is obviously a more expensive alternative? For one, it has been found that mobile users in the age group 16-40 prefer using apps over mobile websites. The number of apps currently available for iOS, Android, Windows or even apps built using Kindle app development is just astounding. Apps generate more interest and hence would be a more effective marketing tool than a mobile website.

However the most significant difference is that a mobile app can use native features of the device while a mobile website cannot. Mobile apps can access features like camera, GPS and your Phonebook giving it a huge edge over mobile websites.

DrupalGap is useful tool for converting your Drupal website to a mobile application. It is an Open Source project which can be used for creating Android and iOS apps. Using Drupal, PhoneGap and JQueryMobile, DrupalGap has bridged the gap between websites and mobile apps.

DrupalGap has two parts. The Drupal Module which is essentially used for building an app which communicates with a Drupal website and The Mobile Application Development Kit which can be used for building custom apps for multiple platforms. DrupalGap has the standard Drupal features like Themes, Regions, Blocks, Menus, Modules, Hooks and Templates and is extremely easy to use.

The immense popularity of DrupalGap is a consequence of a huge number of enterprises developing their own mobile app. Statistics show that enterprises that use mobile technology to market their services not only draw in new customers but also increase the loyalty of their customers. So what are you waiting for? Build a mobile app for your enterprise today!