Great HR App Ideas for your Enterprise

Enterprises are slowly moving towards integrating technology like app development into their businesses, and to stay ahead you should to! Developing apps to manage your business is cheap and effective and here are are some great ideas for HR apps your enterprise deserves.

Developing an app to monitor attendance and punctuality of your employees would be a great start. This app could work by checking in when you enter your office building either using the GPS on your employee’s phone or by having a check-in counter where your employee’s phone is scanned. This would facilitate a complete, automatic and efficient system where you are maintain a record of your employees regularity. Additionally you can also have a portal where your employee’s can apply for leave and communicate with the HR.

Another good HR app to have would be a password tracker. Your employees and the HR probably have a ton of usernames and passwords to keep track of . Also, when an employee leaves your company, you might have to change the passwords for protecting the sensitive information you are privy to. Intimating people of password changes and regulating who holds the password to what account can be quite a task. Developing an app serving this purpose would eliminate this issue. A centrally controlled app, where your employees can log in to view passwords, gives you all the control. You can change the password as needed and control which passwords a particular employee has the permission to see and hence effectively protect your clients’ information.

One of the major tasks of the HR is recruitment. From putting the word about vacancies out there, to finding eligible applicants and finally arranging for interviews, recruitment can prove to be a Herculean task. Developing a recruitment app would take a huge burden off your shoulders. It is a quick way to scan resumes, shortlist candidates, check their internet profile and contact the potential candidates

Custom B2B app development are the way to go for an enterprise. You can now get the best app developers to build you an app which will fit your business like a glove. You can play around with the design of the app and add the features you desire. Who would have thought managing HR of an enterprise could be so easy?