A Unique App with some cool features

Mobile App has become a very common word now days, millions and millions of app available for Smart Phones, Mobile Tablet’s, PC and so on and I’m very sure that most of you would have used some app or other. So what does an app do basically?

If you ask me as to what I feel about an app, each App has its own advantages and disadvantages and its user specific basically it’s nothing but thoughts of many that has been put together to simplify your work and for entertainment.

The other day I was actually browsing through when I came across a lot of unique App’s I would like to bring up those. One such App that really caught attention was a HR App, It had a lot of features few of them are: It marks your attendance and tracks break timings of the employees, It also lets you apply for leaves and the authorized personals can approve leaves along with some special features for HR’s like Job Applications submitted to the App, Screening Candidates is also done through the App, the scores are updated on the app itself so that everyone can keep a track. There were also few management features as well, where you can track your teams work, group chat with the team and so on

There can be a lot more interesting apps, as I have said before an App and its features are limited only to your imagination, so if you are looking for an App, think what you need and how you need it in the App.