iTunes for Android?

Just when the pundits of the app market, thought they had it all figured out, the market has managed to throw in yet another surprise. If rumours are to be believed the Apple product iTunes will soon be available on Android. Though Apple has not officially confirmed this, the rumour mills have been keeping pretty busy.

Yes, it does come a huge shock, but it was inevitable. Though Apple had earlier staunchly maintained that it would never partner up with Windows, in 2003 we saw iTunes being available for Windows. History repeats itself again this time with Android, the most popular OS for smart phones. Through this move Apple aims at wooing Android customers into the Apple family.

With the huge number of sites available for downloading free music and unlimited streaming, Apple is really losing out in the music business. With a new radio service aimed as a competitor of Spotify and Rdio in the pipelines, this move will probably give Apple the much needed boost in music sale.

If iTunes does come for Android phone, it sure is a sign of the changing market trends. Android and Apple have always been stark contrasts. Apple is an exclusive and closed club while Android represents an open community. If Apple goes through with this move, it might mean that more of their services will soon feature in the Google App Store. Whether Apple has finally given in to the rampant market trends of free software or not only time can tell.