Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Tizen OS

The Tizen OS, which has been talked about for quite some time now, has finally emerged into the market. Samsung is moving away from Android, now giving you a new alternative to Android, iOS and Windows. Built in collaboration with Intel, Samsung’s Tizen is an Open Source Linux based platform. Being Open Source, like Android[…]

Mastering Navigation: The Most Important Part of UI

Android is probably one of the most challenging platforms to develop applications on. Unlike as in iOS application development, Google gives both Android application developers and Android device manufacturers complete freedom to create their product and this has lead to thousands of devices with varied hardware and software specifications. This makes your job as an[…]

IBM to Create a Development Platform for Toyota Cars

Toyota has reeled in IBM to create a new in-car application development platform to facilitate the easy creation of applications for cars . This is a part of T-Connect, Toyota’s telematics service. Through this they aim to assist Toyota to create a comfortable, convenient and luxurious travel experience backed by software applications and services. IBM[…]

Google I/O 2014: Part 2

In the previous column, we had started exploring the announcements made at the Google I/O 2014 and their implications to its users and application developers. Let us continue our exploration and see whats brewing at Google this year. Chromecast Update Google has announced a whole set of changes for Chromecast this year. These include Android[…]