Finding Your Application Developer in the Online Marketplace

The immense popularity of online marketplaces like eBay and Flipkart has paved the way for a new trend in technology, offering services like application development online. This is great news for application developers who are just starting out their careers. Through a marketplace, they will get to advertise and market their services and find a client base. All they have to do is post a relevant portfolio and wait for their first consult. It also helps companies who are looking to contract application development to third party developers. With hundreds of developers available on the marketplace, they can place their unique selection criteria to filter it down to their favorite applicant. This marketplace however comes with its fair share of risks. From threats to your data to delayed releases, picking an inexperienced rookie can land you in a soup. Here are some things you should think over before making this big decision.


The most obvious advantage is the slashed rates. Hiring part time professionals, students and first time developers means you are going to avail services at an extremely cheap rate. From my personal experience, I have realized the marketplace is filled with sincere and hardworking applicants who are ready to work day and night to help you realize your dream application. They are quick to learn new software and development methodologies and will ensure you application is up to the current industry standards, if not better. The are more motivated than your standard IT professionals and strive for excellence because your contract means a lot more to them then it would to an MNC.


But the marketplace is a mixed bag. You might chose the wrong app developer and be forced to deal with complacent workers who do not stick to a deadline. There is no  guarantee for a quality product and timely delivery. There are thousands of developers vying for your project and picking one can be quite difficult.

The application development team at a professional IT company consists of a number of teams working together on design, development, testing, quality assurance, project management and client relations. The sheer number of people working on your app ensures a reduced number of bugs and a more pleasant user interface. Also, larger companies use more sophisticated development tools that ensure your app is near perfect.

If you are interested in using online marketplaces to chose your application developer, I advice you research thoroughly into the process and try and pick up on the tricks to chose a good developer. Spend a considerable amount of time researching and communicating with your candidate to ensure he is man for the job. If you are willing to spend a continuous amount on time monitoring the progress of the project, online markets will yield you your developer. However, if you do not have the time to spend on this, it is better you chose an established app development company. Chose the best app development company in the business today, to help you build your application.