DataBase as a Service: What You Need to Know


DBaaS has been widely acknowledged as the best way to manage your database. It allows you to create, set up and manage a database without having to deal with the administration of it. It allows you to reduce the complexity of managing your database by using an agile and flexible data cloud instead of the conventional and rather complicated interconnected silos. It also boasts of an increased security and sometimes automated management as well. But administration is not the only challenge Big Data poses. DBaaS is surely destined for greater things.  Here is the larger picture, challenges you should make sure your DBaaS providers also solves.


When the cloud service hosting your data is down you don’t want your application to go down as well. One way to counter this is to implement a geo-distributed database architecture. By distributing it among cloud providers and regions your application will run even if when the entire region or cloud is down. Hence availability even under adverse conditions is one criteria you should give a lot of importance to.


When you start out creating your database, you have to anticipate the potential growth. As more people use your website/application you will need a better hardware system to handle the traffic. This can be handled in two ways, scaling out and scaling up. Scaling out solves this problem by assigning more nodes to a cluster while scaling up solves it by assigns more space to existing nodes within a cluster.

Latency and Response Time

Lag, latency and response time are important parameters to judge the quality of your application. These are not just caused by the scalability issues I discussed previously, but can also result from a great distance between the servers and users. Geo-distribution is again a popular solution to counter lag and hence improve the user experience of your application.

App development for iPhone centered around big data is often perceived as complex and unpredictable. However, every industry today demands you store and optimize data to better your services. Praveen Narra, well known entrepreneur and CEO at Indyzen Inc, insists client satisfaction is of paramount importance for making your app successful. DataBase as a Service is the perfect solution for your data needs and to ensure you provide the best possible product to your customers.