What Not to do While Developing your Custom Application

custom mobile apps

The unpredictability of the app market is one of the major reasons why building a successful app is so difficult. Going viral is the ultimate dream of every app developer out there. Unfortunately even after years of app analytics , it is almost impossible to pin down what kind of applications work best with users. Many apps that seem to have done everything right, mastering User experience and interface, having a good and useful functionality find themselves buried in the app store amid under-performing applications. From the tiniest details to the largest ones, it is a culmination of factors that contribute to the success of your app. Putting aside obvious requirements for a good app, like functionality, user interface and experience, in this column we will be talking about the other major decisions that you have to take during the development of your application and how they can make or break your app’s success.


This is one of the first decisions app developers take once they decide to build an app. The popular platforms iOS, Windows and Android do vary a great deal both considering their work cycle and the App Store. You should chose a platform wisely, based on your target audience, your monetization strategy and the ideal reach you want to achieve.

App Development and Mobile Web are Different

One of biggest misconceptions of the mobile domain is that is just about creating  a user friendly website for the smaller screen. If you have decided to build an app, you must go all out and ensure it brings something new to the table. Remember, if you do not want to sign up for that kind of commitment then stick to a web responsive website. People will prefer a well made website to a useless app.


While most developers do not like to brought down by issues of monetization while building an app, remember your primary objective is to make the app a financially viable option. Figuring out how you are going to monetize, sell and advertise your app are important and essential decisions you must make in the beginning of the development cycle.

Beta Testing

Do not beta test your own app. It is important to have a different perspective judging the app based on quality, performance and user experience. Testing should be a continuous process to ensure your app is headed down the right track.

Building an app is not an exact science. It is just as difficult to explain the success of an app as it is to understand the failure of another. Keep at it. Learn from your bad decisions. Keep developing.