What Not to do While Developing your Custom Application

The unpredictability of the app market is one of the major reasons why building a successful app is so difficult. Going viral is the ultimate dream of every app developer out there. Unfortunately even after years of app analytics , it is almost impossible to pin down what kind of applications work best with users.[…]

Mendix Updates : Is it Time to Embrace Low Code Development Platforms?

Technology constantly finds a way to make your job easier. And if you are an application developer in this era of technological advancement, you will find the amount of effort and time an app demands is reducing exponentially. While it is still too early to say for sure whether this is good or bad for[…]

Windows 10 : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As the customary follow up on my article about my expectations and predictions for the new version of the Windows platform, in this column we will be looking at how the platform turned out. I will be reviewing it based on the technical preview Microsoft provided with their October launch of the beta software. For[…]

The Arrival of Android One : Is it Worth All the Fuss?

Earlier this year at the Google I/O, the announcement about Android One, a standardized and cheap smartphone took the fancy of both Android application developers and end users. Android developers saw this move as a big step towards unification of an extremely fragmented platform while users saw it as the arrival of the cheapest smartphones[…]

Facebook Development Platform : Is it still Relevant?

Facebook opened up their technology and tools for third party app developers way back in 2007 with the aim of broadening the reach of the social network. Facebook saw a unique opportunity in the market to allow app developers to use their platform and tools to build apps on, and in return collect analytics. For[…]

Tracing Technology Trends: Low Code Development Platform

Technology is constantly evolving. In an industry like Information Technology, each day throws up a new problem, tackled by an innovative revelation. While the development in this arena is pretty divergent, the underlining motivation remains unchanged. The need to create a quicker and simpler solution. However, whether these ‘quick solutions’ that have entered the market[…]

Android App Development : Why it is Superior to iOS and Windows Application Development

While Windows 8.1 and iOS 8 have hogged the limelight for the last couple of months, Android remains one of the best development platforms out there. Android has dominated and continues to dominate the industry thanks to the wide reach it facilitates. Over 70 % of the smartphones sold use the Android platform. The absolute ease[…]

Yosemite! The new Mac OS 10.1.0

Every year, there is a lot expectation from the Apple lover, with regards the latest release on the new OS versions. The most awaited WWDC (Apple’s worldwide developer conference) is being held from June 2nd in San Francisco, California. It was here, Apple announced the release of the new Mac OS x Yosemite (10.1.0) with[…]