Adobe AIR : What is Good and Bad

Cross Platform application development is the need of the hour. There are a number of development platforms available to choose from and each platform offers you a different user base. Cross platform development tools allow you to port your code across platforms, while allowing you to retain individual platform specific UI and UX. Adobe AIR[…]

Facebook Development Platform : Is it still Relevant?

Facebook opened up their technology and tools for third party app developers way back in 2007 with the aim of broadening the reach of the social network. Facebook saw a unique opportunity in the market to allow app developers to use their platform and tools to build apps on, and in return collect analytics. For[…]

Twitter Fabric: Is Twitter Building their own App Development Platform?

Rumor has it that Twitter is all set to launch their very own app development platform, titled Twitter Fabric. It is aimed at helping application developers have quicker sign-in processes, sell ads and avail analytics more easily. It will also benefit users, who will now see more extensions of Twitter in a number of web[…]