Problems with iOS 8


Post all the excitement surrounding the release of the latest version of the Apple Operating System iOS 8, the mobile world now seems disappointed. This upgrade was supposed to showcase the best of Apple, slated to help take iOS application development to a whole new level. However it has thrown up quite a few bugs on the very first week of release leaving both users and iPhone application developers annoyed.
One of the most resounding complains about this upgrade was about the large amount of memory required. While the new version takes up about 1 GB memory, to upgrade you are required to free up 5 GB, a very high ask for users using a devices with only 8 GB storage.

Compatibility is also a main concern for users and iPhone application developers. A lot of apps are not working well in iOS 8, becoming quite a nuisance. Also it is very difficult to go back to iOS 7 following an upgrade, putting users in quite a fix.

iMessages have also been facing some problems with iOS 8. Some users have complained about that they have been unable to send iMessages, which instead got sent as texts which are chargeable by the service provider.

The iPad too, is facing quite a lot of sound related problems following the upgrade. While the sound is working fine with the music player and YouTube, in-app and game sounds seem to have disappeared. It was also showing some issues while connected with a pair of earphones.

Also the health app Apple promised with this OS has not been released due to some technical difficulties.

Complaints about constant hanging, very poor battery life, WiFi connectivity issues and unsatisfactory performance have marred this release. iPhone application developers and users are both pushing off upgrading, waiting for a new-er bug free release. Maybe we will see an iOS 8.0.1 hit the market soon and relieve us of our worries. It is high time we see the version iOS application development today deserves.