Skitch’s iPad App now available

Skitch , the popular image sketching service from EverNote introduced its latest iPad app that enables users to visually annotate or draw just about everything that appears on the iPad’s screen. On a blog post, Andrew Sinkov, VP for Marketing at EverNote wrote: “We built our iOS version of Skitch first for iPad because it’s the ideal form factor for tactile annotation.” With its promising features, this latest iPad app will certainly become an important tool for everyone who conducts a lot of hands on presentations and or meetings.

Just like the desktop version of Skitch for Mac OS X, this Evernote iPad app offers a basic set of comprehensive annotation tools that include a paint brush that can be used for drawing and scribbling, arrow tool for selection, shaping tool for drawing lines, rectangles, ovels, etc., text box tool, and a crop tool. It also has a cursor tool for moving around annotated parts within the image. However, there are some missing features on this iPad version which probably was taken out purposely due to its needlessness considering that iPad uses a touch screen interface. For example, the Skitch iPad app does not provide a tool for erasing. If you want to erase something, you will have to select the item and delete what you want to remove. Another missing item is the paint bucket tool which provides users the facility to modify the font style in the text box as well as some color options.

This iPad app offers plenty of options for importing images into Skitch. You can easily pull up images stored in your iPad or take a new picture using the iPad camera if you are using an iPad 2. You can also take screenshots of an application running in the background or scribble anything using a blank canvas. It is also possible to take screenshots of a particular website or a personalized map. All pictures that have been altered will be stored right on the iPad app’s home screen.

There are several types of applications that have similarities with Skitch like the Bamboo Paper and WhiteBoard but none of these apps offer a full range of integration from Evernote. However, even without an Evernote account, you can still enjoy a lot of sharing options that include mirroring feature for Apple TV.

With this cool sketching app for iPad, users will have a brand new way of improving your images using your iPad tablet.

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