Evernote for iPad

Evernote released its version of 3.3.1 and has been contrived for both iPhone and iPad.

Did you know, this app reminds you whatever happened in your life whether it may be a sad moment or happiness? Firstly, the information contained in the notes passed to ideas then to snapshot lastly to recordings. You virtually put everything into Evernote that allows you to look out directly by synchronizing whether from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop what ever it may be.

You can use Evernote application in two ways– for personal or professional life. It is used for research and class notes, to capture blog ideas and design inspiration and even to record voice memos. The users of this app are granted to snap the photos of whiteboards and wine labels.

•    The main feature of this Evernote app is file synchronization. This app makes the users to add, sync, access and even share the files among different versions of Evernote which you use.
•    Allows you to create the text, photos and audio notes.
•    For your Mac, PC and Web it auto synchronizes your notes.
•    For quick access it mark notes as Favorite.

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