Layers App for iPad

Layers app furnishes iPad users with the tools like high quality brushes, an eyedropper, a smudge tool and an eraser for the creation of tremendous art. As it is a balanced set of painting tools especially redesigned to make iPad largely and for crispy display. Transparency supports you throughout the app  development and the feature brand new history panel grants to look at the recent actions and helps rapidly come back to position within the time.

Do you want to add the photos to your paintings? Yeah you can, it is possible through the Layers. It grants the position, scale the photos that you have added and see how it looks on the top of your work. In addition to this the users of this app on the online gallery are allowed to place their paintings on display, and even you can see the work of others.

You can enjoy the pro version features like ten high-quality brushes, can paint up to five paintable layers, find advanced layer manipulation tools, offers email painting as layered PSD files allow creating a profile page in the Layers Gallery.

•    It is a clean, intuitive painting interface.
•    Contains three high quality brushes.
•    It is a full featured eyedropper tool.
•    Allow users to browse thousands of paintings in the layers gallery and per drawing you can use upto two paintable layers.
•    For quick zooming you can use the Double-tap feature.

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