Will Kindle Fire finally make it to No. 2 spot in Tablet market

It certainly did not take long before Amazon made Kindle Fire one of its best selling products even before Christmas season heats up but did Amazon managed to head to the number two position in the tablet industry? After a couple of weeks in the market, Amazon’s Kindle Fire gained the edge of many of its competitors in the tablet biz based on the report from IHS iSuppli. The market research firm is very confident about Kindle Fire’s position in the market that it already projected that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is already “the second most popular tablet computer in the world” tailing behind iPad.

The accomplishment of Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the answer to the lingering question about the tablet biz whether customers are more inclined to have tablets instead of iPads. Kindle Fire’s less than two hundred dollars price tag as well as other tablets that offered heavy discounts to interested consumers last Black Friday are totally resetting the prospect about how much money customers are willing to pay for this type of device.

The projection of IHS is that Amazon will ship around four million Kindle Fire units in the fourth quarter which will give the retail giant at least 13.8% share of the global market which is way ahead of Samsung placed on No.3 that expects at least 4.8 percent of the global market even though they offer a complete array of Galaxy Tab tablets. Both companies still lag behind Apple’s iPad which currently holds up to 65.6% of the global market. However, the instant jump of Kindle Fire to approximately fourteen percent market share is definitely a good sign that worldwide consumers are not all too keen to have iPads given its price of more than four hundred dollars.

According to Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at HIS, that, “Nearly two years after Apple Inc. rolled out the iPad, a competitor has finally developed an alternative which looks like it might have enough of Apple’s secret sauce to succeed.” The Kindle Fire’s seemingly impossible success was largely attributed to its highly compelling price offering of less than two hundred dollars that comprehensively undercuts majority of tablet brands in the market including other Google Android based devices. Amazon’s major advantage is that it can sell products at a minimal profit and still make it up later when they sell services or other products through their devices. It is more like giving consumers a handheld gateway to their online market.

The Kindle Fire’s success in the market continues to become strong and if Amazon succeeds in offering effective software update that can further improve their tablet, it will certainly get more attention from its worldwide customers.

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