Science Museum’s app lovely intervention

It is really a good news for the Science fans. Science is a world of journey through time and space where Inventions and researches are endless. With this in mind the Science Museum has launched an iPad app called Journeys of Invention. Each journey brings you the life story of a key scientific idea. This encourages users to know more about the most precious artifacts and explore virtually with help of developing a unique app.

Science Museum’s app

Developing an app with extraordinary collection of the Journeys of Invention is now available only for iPad. We can see most revolutionary scientific inventions and 14 interactive journeys and discoveries created by the Science Museum’s curators all the time.

In the app we can see world’s greatest museums and the connections between eighty of the most fascinating objects. Using the app we can feel amusement and enlightenment in equal measure.”

The app, ‘Journeys of Invention’ featured with extensive collection of over 80 extraordinary objects from the Science Museum’s.

Science Museum curators specially written about Journeys of Invention, presenting a rich collection of historic photographs, archive film footage or video, rarely seen contemporary artworks which are accompanied in an extraordinary object.
The app contains collection of over 80 extraordinary, interactive objects from the Science Museum’s

The app developed for Retina display and designed for iPad 2 and some more

The app, Journeys of Invention showcase centuries of creativity and scientific discovery. As we know that Journeys of invention Organized into 14 curated stories. To make people more interact with the app, there are so many full versions are available in order to give rich experience. Unfortunately only one journey is offered for free.

The journey name called ‘Connected’ is free. This journey make us understand like how technology is used from steam engines to the iPad, has brought us closer.
The other journey is ‘New Science’. New Science will unlock when we connect with Facebook or via email. New science completely explains about the birth of modern science. In better words we can say this as comparison .For example we can take Hooke’s original drawing.
And the rest12 require an in-app purchase of $9.99 (£6.99).
In London Science Museum there are impressive range of artifacts on display, an Apple I computer including Scott’s Antarctic Medical Chest, the Apollo 10 Command Module, Enigma and a 3D-printed gun a Cray supercomputer. We can see many of the items have been reeled into the app. So that we can zoom in and out by clicking particular item or we can also opt for one of the guided tours.