MainStage 2.1.1 released by Apple

MainStage 2.1.1 is an update to MainStage 2, which is part of the paid upgrade to Logic Studio component. The update release addresses issues related to 64-bit Mode, Stability, General Issues, Plug-ins and other issues.

The issues addressed in MainStage include:

•    In 64-bit mode, a 32-bit Audio Unit plug-in quitting unexpectedly no longer causes MainStage to also quit unexpectedly.

•    Several issues are fixed with regard to the graphical user interface and controls of third party Audio Units running in the 32-bit Audio Unit Bridge.

•    Resolves a rare issue where the Play button on the Loopback and Playback plug-in could remain lit with playback stopped.

•    In the Loopback plug-in, Fade-out now works properly when applied to an overdub performed over reversed material.

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