Apple’s new iPad reached 1 million sales last Friday

iPad lovers’ will be glad to hear that the Apple’s iPad sales reached one million after launching Wi-Fi and 3G models. AppleInsider reports that Apple’s new iPad sales reached one million in 28 days. Apple also informs that it has created 5,000 new applications for iPad and customers are downloading apps from the App Store and new iBookstore. App Store also holds 200,000 applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Sales of iPad apps have been strong after Launching iPad Wi-Fi and 3G models. Day by day Apple’s iPad increases its sales, and reached more than 450,000 in just 5 days. iPad users have downloaded more than 3.5 million apps for the device.

Apple also reveals that it reaches million milestones with domestic sales of hardware. Preorders of Wi-Fi and 3G models for international markets will begin on May 10.

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