Apple sold 3 million iPad devices in 80 days

Three weeks ago Apple announced that it was beyond the two-million threshold for iPad sales. Now, Apple reveals that it has sold three million iPads in just 80 days of its release. AppleInsider reports that the Developers of Apple developed 5,000 fresh apps for the iPad in the beginning, but now developers have created over 11,000 fresh apps, doubled the previous development. iPad currently retails at a starting amount of $499 USD, an amount point that left it uncomfortably close to the $259 USD tag attached to the 3G-equipped Kindle and the devices advanced of their recent adjustments.

The device weighs 1.5pounds and 0.5inches thin, making it thinner and lighter than any notebook, while still carrying up to 10 hours of battery life. As previously announced the iPad will be accessible in nine more countries in July, and more countries will be announced later this year.

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