iTunes 9 – Share Libraries and Home Sharing

In iTunes 9, you can share the content in two dissimilar styles from your media library. The two kinds of sharing are Share Libraries and Home Sharing.

Firstly, in the preferences panel by enabling the sharing tab, it allows your computer to look others sharing libraries and select whether to share your whole library or just selected items and play lists. Whenever sharing is turned on, shared libraries will appear in the Shared section of the iTunes window’s left-hand column on your local network.

Secondly, for iTunes 9 Home Sharing is a new one. Besides streaming, you can copy the music on a home network up to five computers or any other item whatever they wish to be in their own library. Now you can enjoy it even there is no network for a long time on the computer and even sync to their own devices. Whenever to turn on, simply turn on home sharing in the advanced menu on each of the computers and for activation of each one use the same active iTunes account.  

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