Do’s and Don’ts of iPhone App Development

The iPhone fever is catching and spreading like wild fire all across the world. Many more people are foraging into the industry to cash in on the billions of dollars ready to start flying around. To get on the front seat of iPhone app development, there are certain rules you must adhere to; some things you must never do, others you shouldn’t fail to accomplish. Without strictly following these guidelines, avoiding the pitfalls, and memorizing these useful tips, chances are you won’t get very far. Below is a list of some of the things you must consider as an iPhone app developer.


  1. Plan. You must be able to envisage every single step from start to finish. From the codes to use, the language, the hardware, to the finished product, marketing, re-investment, etc. everything must be clear in your mind. A good advice is to have it all written somewhere.
  2. Budget time and money correctly. You can never achieve anything if you don’t do this. You need money to buy software, hardware, pay for some services, etc. You also need to plan your time well. Since it will take you days or weeks to finish the app, how do you manage your time in lieu of other activities?
  3. Acquire all the skills needed. You need to be confident of your abilities to start and finish the app. If you are good at programming alone, you have to learn casing modification, electricity management, etc. Perhaps you may not have time to learn all these, hire a freelancer to support you. Just make sure all the skills are available to you.
  4. Investigate and research. Be sure that your app is unique and will be useful for the market; otherwise, all your efforts would have been in vain.
  5. Believe in your abilities. You need this to see you through. There is no point starting what you cannot finish.


  1. Don’t launch your iPhone app without a clear marketing plan. You must be sure of your target and how to get you app over. Recouping your investment should also be worked out from the beginning.
  2. Don’t become stingy when it’s time for promotion. After many hours and financial commitment on the project, a little more will not be a waste to make it popular and accessible for the end users.
  3. Don’t be 100% confident your iPhone app is great. Get opinions and reviews from friends and colleagues as to what is lacking and make amends until they are satisfied that it is perfect. Remember they are like the final consumer.
  4. Don’t create a complex app. The simpler the app, the better your chance of getting it accepted by the market. Create something simple and unique but very useful, and that can compete in the iPhone app market.
  5. Don’t price your iPhone app too high. Even when you have spent so much creating the iPhone app, make sure the price is affordable. A little extra charge to help you break even will be just perfect. You can go ahead to hike the price once the app is popular and accepted by the market.

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