Preauthorization Credit Holds for iPad Pre-Orders

Earlier this month Apple placed preauthorization holds on the credit card accounts for iPad pre-orders. It assures that whether sufficient credit is available for the pending transactions, as Apple plans to begin shipping out iPad orders. Consumers are showing much interest in the preauthorization credit holds for iPad pre-orders placed on their credit cards for[…]

PayPal offers “Bump Money Transfers” with it’s iPhone App

With the PayPal’s mobile money application you can send the money very fast to your friends and family at anytime anywhere from your iPhone. This is much easier than going to ATM to withdraw cash, writing cheques, and sending gifts. From your mobile device itself you can manage your PayPal account. All of this with[…]

FCC offers Mobile Broadband Speed App

The quality and speed of their mobile data connection information is provided to the consumers by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) App. Test the upload speed, download speed and latency of your mobile broadband connection and share your results with a simple email export. The results may be pooled to analyze the quality and coverage of[…]

Improve backup and restore times by reducing iPhone Camera Roll

Apple suggested recently that you take a quick peek at your Camera Roll when your iPhone backups and restores are taking a ridiculously longtime. Pictures and screenshots taken with the iPhone are stored on the Camera Roll. ITunes creates a backup the contents of your iPhone, including the Camera Roll whenever you sync or perform[…]

Apple’s iPad Battery Replacement Service

Apple has posted information about iPad battery Replacement Service. Apple will replace your iPad battery for a service fee of $99 plus additional $6.95 shipping amounting to $105.95 per unit plus applicable local taxes. However, instead of swapping a new battery into a customer’s existing iPad, “You will receive a replacement iPad that will not[…]