PayPal offers “Bump Money Transfers” with it’s iPhone App

With the PayPal’s mobile money application you can send the money very fast to your friends and family at anytime anywhere from your iPhone. This is much easier than going to ATM to withdraw cash, writing cheques, and sending gifts. From your mobile device itself you can manage your PayPal account. All of this with the security and protection you get from PayPal. The new feature Bump passes contacts when iPhones touch. It is the funniest way to start the money transfer.

To use the Bump option, both users need to be running the most recent version of the iPhone app. Bump makes sharing with people quick and easy. Just select what you want to send, then hold your phones and gently bump hands with another person using Bump. You can share the photos and contacts and become the face book friends with in the seconds. Bump can be used with iPhone, iPod touch and many other phones. All that is required is an internet connection (3G, EDGE, or WiFi).

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