Will the next iPad be the next generation Tablet?

The iPad 3 from Apple is set to be introduced in the market in spring 2012 as rumors suggest that it would and expectations are high that the iPad 3 will be a thinner version of its predecessor. But the question is, will Apple achieve the feat of making it the next generation tablet?

Sources from CNET, if true, could be right about the iPad 3 being thinner than the iPad 2 and this poses certain problem because it will definitely not fit into or compatible with preceding docks and attachable keyboards. Although most of the circulating info are based on rumors from insiders, there is a big hubbub in the tablet market especially when Amazon launched its Kindle Fire. In order for the iPad 3 to surpass the success of its predecessor and maintain its edge against new and upcoming tablet brands, it must have certain features that can draw millions of tablet users to switch to iPad 3. The size is just a minor advantage but the features will definitely make it shoo in for tablet users to patronize it once again as they did with iPad 2.

One of the eyed features that will catapult iPad 3 to number one position is its screen display. Rumors had it that the new iPad tablet will feature a highly innovative retina screen with up to 2048 x 1536 screen resolution. If so, this will certainly be more high def than any other tablets in the market. Another expected feature is the quad core processer. All these features combined will certainly make the iPad 3 the next generation tablet coupled with other cool features that will make it worth the dollars for consumers. However, the price is still a big question mark for this new tablet which will definitely gauge the market whether it will be successful or not.

If Apple can make their tablets competitive with Amazon’s Kindle Fire which debuted with an asking price of $199, this will definitely be a best seller. But until they are able to address the issues regarding their high tech display, it will be a no – go for Apple. The state of the art high resolution display is being manufactured by Samsung and LG but there are rumors that the manufacturing is not going smoothly as it should be. With millions of display being ordered by Apple, there is a big doubt whether or not the iPad 3 can make it on time with its rumored launching.

Finishing the display is easy according to the manufacturers but the question is if they can meet the order volume in time. However, if the manufacturers are not able to meet the high volume production for high resolution Retina Display, an 1,600×1,200 interim option could save them. But other than the display issue, nothing new has been disclosed with regards to other features that could certainly make iPad 3 the next generation tablet.

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