Will Siri be Present in iPad 3?

As the supposed release of Apple’s iPad 3 is nearing, the rumor mill is also gearing up and a lot of reports have surfaced about the integration of Siri on Apple’s next generation tablet. Previous reports about iPad 3 were all geared on what new features will be added on the much talked about tablet and what accessories could be used should Siri will be integrated on the next generation tablet. But with the release of iOS 5.1 beta 3, iPad 3’s Siri could be limited to dictation services only.

The newest software beta released to iOS developers was seemingly lacking of any novice features that could provide a hint with regards to upcoming Apple devices running on iOS. However, 9To5 Ma managed to get hold of something newsworthy. While sifting through the settings application of iOS 5.1 beta 3 on iPad, a new section appeared on the keyboard menu. The item in question was labeled “About Privacy and Dictation”. This is a legal text as well as other related information intended for Apple’s Siri Dictation. This particular feature is not functional on the present iPad model which could mean that this could be an iOs 5.1 feature integration for iPad. This may also hint about an upcoming feature exclusively for iPad 3.

However, there is a big chance that this is more than just a rumor. The iPhone 4S took the same process with Siri as well as Siri Dictation through the iOS 5.0 launching. The same document also appeared on the later editions of iPod Touch. But with iPhone 4S, there is no particular menu that is associated with “Dictation and Privacy” through keyboard panel settings.

This discovery may help diminish the concerns regarding the latest iPad Dictation menu. This only shows that the Siri Dictation is not simply ported over the code of iPhone 4S. In addition to that, this could also mean that the iPad 3 may only have a limited Siri service and it will all be revolving around dictation. There have been reports about Apple working on a full version, fully functional Siri for iPad integration and with only a few months before the actual release of iPad 3, consumers and iPad aficionados are all hoping that Siri will be present in the next generation tablet.

Siri is one of the most successful innovations of Apple and it seems that all smartphone owners want to have Siri on their devices. Should Apple really integrate a full version of of Siri on iPad 3, it will be another successful move for the company.

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