What iPhone App Developers should know – Creating Apps that will Sell this 2012

Although experience and know-how will come handy in developing iPhone apps, majority of app developers today usually forget some of the basic foundations that are essential in iPhone app development. Last year, a lot has changed in the app development industry due to the growing number of players and the never ending changes in the market trend. Developers customarily focus on the technical aspects of iPhone app development that they forget to comply with simple and practical policies that will enable them to create a universally accepted application that will also have a big potential for today’s market.

Creating iPhone apps that will sell in the market means concentrating on several things that matter importantly on app development instead of focusing on various aspects that sometimes defeat the entire process of iPhone app development. As early as this month, potential consumers for iPhone apps are showing a dramatic change on their preferences with regards to the types of applications they want to purchase from the App Store. For instance, “freemium” apps are becoming more and more popular due to the introduction of Android platform wherein Android users have a lot of option for free app downloads. With iPhone apps, majority of the available apps are paid apps and only a handful are being given away by developers for free.

According to the report from Distimo, “2011 was the year where in-app purchases and the freemium business model became one of the most important monetization strategies for developers” In addition to that, Distimo revealed that “Half of the revenue of the 200 top grossing apps in the Apple App Store for iPhone is now generated by freemium apps. This proportion is even higher in the Google Android Market where 65 percent of the revenue from the top grossing apps is generated by freemium apps.

With today’s market trend, an iPhone app developer must not be limited by the specific requirements stated by the client in order for them to make money. Developers must always try to look forward and evaluate the marketing objective and the application to be developed as per the market’s forecasted reception. When a developer understands the objective, the company will be able to devise an iPhone app that will complement with market demand and remain fully functional at the same time. Freemium models like the iPhone app Fruit Ninja is the best way for developers to catch the public’s attention without sacrificing the income potential of the application in the App Store.

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