What I like about & What I am afraid of iOS 7

Apple has released its new mobile operating system, iOS 7 which is ready to be installed and downloaded into umpteen iPads, iPhones and iPods. At this stage let us analyze the pros and cons of  iOS 7.

Advantages of iOS 7

  1. Compatibility: It works well with both iPhone and iPad and performs well under pressure.
  2. Increased folder capacity: The folder in iOS 7 holds more icons, so there is not a necessity to have multiple folders as “Games”.
  3. Easy to operate: iOS 7 feels like Android in the sense that running apps can be easily closed.
  4. It makes excellent use of existing screen real estate and is much better than Android.
  5. Time saving: Apps are auto updated and there is lots of timesaving.
  6. The mail application is advanced.
  7. Improved Security: iDevices are more secure with iOS 7 and the hardware is less accessible to hackers.
  8. iOS 7 features much better maps.

Disadvantages of  iOS 7

  1. Puzzling error messages during installation: If iOS 7 works it is excellent. But it doesn’t work user encounters lots of doubtful and puzzling messages like “Software Update failed”.
  2. Delay: While running on iDevices the OS seems to lag and it is quite slow to respond to interactions.
  3. Touch response is not good: Mainly in the case of iPad the reponse to touch is very poor requiring to retap often.
  4. Confusing user interface: The new 3D user interface at times confusing  and at times user doesn’t know what to click on.
  5. The home screen parallax effect makes the appearance ugly and unrefined.
  6. The color schemes picked by iOS 7 are based on the background wall paper and are not customizable by the users.
  7. Uses more battery life: iOS 7 automatically refreshes and updates apps in the background which uses more battery life.
  8. Limited folder view: Only nine icons are shown at a given time to user. The screen real estate can be better used.
  9. The notification panel doesn’t show required data at a glance.
  10. The settings app is very awkward.
  11. Collectively there are a lots of small bugs.


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