Ubuntu has a new mysterious Mobile partner

From the time Canonical had announced that it was working on Ubuntu Touch (Mobile OS), they have been in search of a hardware partner, so they can carry the Ubuntu Touch (mobile) OS and possibly give it the push that it needs and now Canonical has finally signed its first deal to supply Smartphone with its Ubuntu Touch (Mobile OS). This was revealed by it founder Mark Shuttleworth in an interview at the Le Web conference however he was not willing to give away any information as to which company was willing to supply it smart phones with the Linux based mobile OS and it will be available on high end smart phones



Mark Shuttlewoth said: That they have concluded their first set of agreements to ship Ubuntu Touch on mobile phones, and that they have shifted gears from just ‘making a concept’ to ‘it’s going to ship.’ That has really big impact on the team, he also said, Canonical is now in board-level discussions with several other household brands as well. They also sell a lot of smart phones all over the world, in emerging and fully emerged markets, to businesses and consumers.”

Many of you may be wondering if you will be if you will be able to use your favorite apps on Ubuntu Touch (Mobile OS), I’m pretty sure that most of you will be aware that Ubuntu is ‘Open Source’ just like android and it also uses HTML/CSS/JS for its hybrid app development and for its native app development Ubuntu also provides amazing native app developer environment using – QML for a slick development experience with engines on C or C++ and JavaScript for UI glue. They also give full native OpenGL, which most of the top gaming companies use.

With the above said and done, currently there are 4 Mobile OS that are dominating the world at the moment: Android, iOS, Microsoft and BlackBerry, let’s just wait and see as to where is stands once it comes out in the market, hopefully it gives the others a run around for their money with the competition that it ring into the market, all that we can do at the moment is to wait and watch for the updates from Canonical.


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