Revving Up Your Marketing Strategy – I

Developing an application is no easy task. Yes, there are thousands of exciting tools you can choose from to ease you through it, but coming up with a complete application ready for the market is difficult. You will probably be plagued with doubts about the viability and usability of your application throughout the development process.[…]

Appcelerator Platform Update: A review

While Appcelerator’s Titanium is probably one of  their most famous products, the Appcelerator Platform has now been widely adopted by enterprises to build custom business applications. With apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram being extremely user friendly and well structured, developers have come under immense pressure to develop custom applications of that standard. Appcelerator Platform[…]

Outsourcing iOS App Development

Outsourcing your development needs is a great way to boost the  technological reach of your enterprise. In addition to being a cheaper and swifter solution, outsourcing makes room for diversity, expertise, easier  management  and so much more. Adding temporary members to your team would mean a fresh innovative perspective into old problems. It is also[…]

Understanding Apple’s iOS Developer Program

Creating an app using iOS app development is now easier than ever. To become an iPhone app developer all one needs to do is register for Apple’s iOS Developer Program. This allows the iPhone app developer to develop his app using iOS app development tools, iOS SDK and gives him access to the vast technical resources provided[…]