Customer Relationship Management

One area where mobile technology is making a big impact today is in customer care. Enterprises are rushing to implement their own Customer Relationship Management models. A CRM takes care of every aspect of the business-customer relationship from communicating to and frequently updating the customer to maintaining a detailed and organized database for the enterprise.[…]

Great HR App Ideas for your Enterprise

Enterprises are slowly moving towards integrating technology like app development into their businesses, and to stay ahead you should to! Developing apps to manage your business is cheap and effective and here are are some great ideas for HR apps your enterprise deserves. Developing an app to monitor attendance and punctuality of your employees would[…]

Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program

The Apple Volume Purchasing Program is an initiative taken up by Apple, to help iOS app developers to build apps for enterprises. It allows volume licensing, which essentially means that you are given the rights to distribute your app freely to your end users, instead of having to make each of  them download your app. When used[…]