Social Media: How to use it in your Enterprise

Social media has started to play a significant role in the business world. It is extremely common for Enterprises to use mediums like Facebook over conventional tools like e-mail. This change had both positive and negative implications in the business place. Balancing and restricting the use of social media can be quite difficult, but has proven to be extremely essential in increasing the productivity in the workplace.

The most obvious disadvantage of using social media in the workplace is the huge distraction it becomes to your employees. Preventing employees from using work time to view and update their personal profiles can be quite challenging. Social media is quite addictive and can drastically decrease the output of your employees.

E-mail is still used as the primary mode of communication because of its formal format and the CC option which re-enforces a certain hierarchy in the workplace. Plenty of apps are available to enhance your email experience. Enterprises often prefer adopting this technology rather than making the bold switch to social media.


One of the biggest concerns for an enterprise is retaining the control over all its information. Security is extremely important to them. Social media has brought about a certain callousness in people in the way they share information. With social media hungry for information, this callousness feeds them their share. People have stopped reading the fine print or the terms and conditions of these tools and often overlook massive security concerns.

Statics show that over 80% of employees use unauthorized apps at work. This in itself presents a huge risk to any enterprise.

All said and done, the need for integrating your Enterprise to social media far exceeds the dangers it presents. The internet has made the entire world a single community and using social media is the only way to be a part of it.

With cloud computations, your information is more secure as it no longer needs the IT department to acquire and deploy your application. Data can be channelized and streamlined and effectively protected.

For successfully implementing social media into your workplace, the largest part is played by the employees. Responsibly handling time and information lies completely on their shoulders. If implemented well, social media has the potential to change the face of your Enterprise. Get Smart. Get Social.