Smart Phone App ideas for your business

We live in a world of Smart Phones and Mobile Tablets. It is very evident that almost every employee of yours and almost all your clients own a smart phone. Have you ever wondered how you can bring this technology into your work place?

Here are some simple App ideas for offices

Apps for a Dentist’s Office / Doctor’s Office

  • It can monitor the scheduled appointments and send reminders to your patients
  • Drug prescription and refills can be sent to the pharmacist via the App
  • Billing and insurance can maintained via the App
  • Since all medical records including prescriptions are stored in a mobile device, your patients will always have it with them in an emergency

Dietician/ Physical Trainers

  • You can prescribe a diet and track your client’s eating habits on a daily basis
  • Stay connected with your clients, you can answer the queries, give tips and suggestions. Help them when they need you the most
  • If your client is in a restaurant and wants advice on what to order, you will be able to give suggestions
  • Know your Clients workouts, suggest new workouts.
  • Monitor the progress
  • Send personalized messages to keep your client motivated


  • Take orders for drugs and requests for refill
  • Can have payment made through the app
  • Intimate the customer if any pending drug has become available.
  • Inform the customer when a prescription is ready for refill


  • Reserve tables
  • Store food preference of your customers, so the waiter can make suggestion to your customers. This will make them feel very special
  • Send personalized messages on special occasions to your customers. This will remind them to book a table at your restaurant
  • Inform customers about new dishes and discounts being offered at your restaurant

Manage your team using an App

  • Track the daily meetings and activities of your team members
  • Send group / personalized messages to your team members
  • Monitor their daily targets
  • If your sales agents travel a lot, you can trace their movements using the App
  • Send motivating messages to your team at regular intervals
  • Show them you care by staying connected always

Just look around your office and a lot of more App ideas will come to your mind. An app and its features are limited only to one’s imagination.

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