RIM to offer Four Moths Trial for BlackBerry Music

A day after RIM announced a very disappointing and unsatisfactory financial result and the delay of its next generation operating system, the company is trying to attract more BlackBerry users to try its BBM music sharing service by providing BB users a free trial period of up to four months. Subsequent to the release last Thursday of the dismal financial results for the latest quarter, BlackBerry users can expect a large number of attractive deals and free offers from the company in the coming months as RIM tries desperately to keep its market share and at least remain in the number three position.

To help keep their clients from leaving, BlackBerry Music will be up for a free trial period which can last up to 120 days depending on how the consumers will respond. The music sharing service which was officially released early last month can now be used by BB users without paying anything at all. Some would say that this is definitely a desperate move for the company to stay afloat but for some BlackBerry users, being able to use a premium music sharing service without fee is definitely a blessing. But still, much has to be seen whether this bold move from the BlackBerry manufacturer is enough to turn the tables against the company’s main competitors or it is simply a lure to attract more customers to use the said music sharing service.

BlackBerry users began utilizing the BBM Music by creating a profile made up of up to fifty tracks. The main idea is for BBM users to build their own music library and later on connecting it with other music libraries of their BBM friends who are also using the same service. But should your music preferences are slightly different from those of your friends, you have to expect that your music collection will remain frustratingly trivial. There is also a social element to the music sharing service because users are encouraged to build and share their playlists including the comments of friends either on the entire music collection or on a particular music alone.

And for BlackBerry users to be able to avail the free trial period, they are required to download and install the BBM music app which is available today up to the 4th of January. However, if users fail to cancel the free trial offer once the free trial period is over, they will be charged with a $4.99 per month subscription fee.

While this free trial offer will barely make the company number one, Research In Motion is definitely doing everything they can to maintain their smart phone user base since BlackBerry is one of their leading products. And with the recent delay in the release of BlackBerry 10 OS, RIM must have something to divert the attention of users so as for them to avoid thinking about leaving BlackBerry and going for another competitor’s product.

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