RIM hosts New Webcast For Developers

For developers, RIM hosts a free and most recent webcast on April 13th 2010 in order to educate them how to enjoy the benefits of Blackberry push services. You may find every Blackberry app will be available with better improvement with this push service. So the waiting has ended; just go ahead and join to study how to integrate push into your app and enjoy yourself.

Those who have become members of this Blackberry push services are guided in the following manner.

•    You are allowed to push any type data whether it may be text or images without any restrictions. Even developers can ship the large amount of date by using multiple pushes that assembled are from arriving.
•    If you want to turn your app into a super app, apply true push technology.
•    Allows delivering the data to Blackberry smartphones in the background, provides the user by connecting always Blackberry experience 
•    Allows creating network efficient apps.

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