RIM Acquire QNX Software Unit From Harman International

Two companies namely Harman International and Research In Motion declared that they have enrolled an agreement for RIM to acquire QNX Software Systems. The great deal is about regulatory approval and predicted that the agreement should be closed down within the period of 35-45 days. This is done to strengthen QNX penetration in the automotive market and to make further innovation for markets served by all parties.

In the words of Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at RIM, “RIM is excited about the planned acquisition of QNX Software Systems and we look forward to ongoing collaboration between Harman, QNX and RIM to further integrate and enhance the user experience between smartphones and in-vehicle audio and infotainment systems”.

The Harman’s company feels that the agreement with Rim will bring a strong relationship, as the two companies came to bring new connectivity solutions to the industry. They are expecting to maintain close tie-up with QNX and the cutting-edge software solutions which provide long term benefits to Harman and its customers. In the same manner, QNX Software Systems is very much excited to be RIM as a QNX customer. By collaborating with RIM it will create an exciting chopine for future generation of connected and embedded devices.

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