Revving Up Your Marketing Strategy – I


Developing an application is no easy task. Yes, there are thousands of exciting tools you can choose from to ease you through it, but coming up with a complete application ready for the market is difficult. You will probably be plagued with doubts about the viability and usability of your application throughout the development process. In addition to all this, having to worry about the marketing strategy and plan for your application might just seem like too much. Don’t fret! Marketing can be quite simple once you completely understand your market. With an extremely active internet generation, the entire web has become a giant canvas for your marketing campaign. The best part? Most of the time it is free. Here are some ideas you should keep in mind while devising your marketing strategy so you can come up with an affordable and effective campaign.

One mistake development teams often make is they separate the marketing and monetizing strategy from the development process completely. Ideally you should run your development and marketing strategies in parallel, weighing out how each development decision could affect the monetizing of your application and vice versa. Decide how you want to make money off your application and develop your application accordingly.

Developers often chose a pay-per-download model right from the release of their application to ensure they swiftly make their money back. To you .99$ might seem reasonable, but most users are reluctant to pay for an application, especially if they have nothing to go on. When you start out in the App Store with no downloads, ratings and reviews people will definitely think twice about paying to download your app.

Just as each platform demands a different development strategy, it also requires a different marketing strategy. Android application development and iOS application development pose different problems while marketing, so your approach towards each of them should also be different. You have to learn to play by rules of the platform’s App Store and stick to their guidelines to ensure your application makes it to the top of the Store. Research App Store Optimization for each platform thoroughly and look into how the trending apps were marketed. You have a lot to learn from your mistakes while marketing and even more from the success of other applications.

Always be ready to learn and improve and be prepared for both the best and the worst possible results. Keep at it. You can constantly remodel your marketing strategy to boost your application. And yes, be patient. Perseverance yields the surest results.