How to Rate your Enterprise App

While the need for your enterprise to have an app is immense, it can be quite challenging for you to judge the performance and quantify the returns of your app. From figuring out how much you will need to spend on the app development process: to design, build, test, release and maintain your app, to finding out the returns, the economics of apps can be quite daunting. As a business, you expect your app to translate into revenue and profits. With the enormous number of companies providing smart phone application development solutions, it has become essential to judge their output to make sure you rent getting the raw end of the deal. Here is a scale on which you can figure out the Return of Investment of your app.

The most important factor to determine the ROI of your app, is how often your app is being used. The impact of the app on your Enterprise can be single handedly determined by its user-ship. An app being used frequently in your organization tells you its worth your money, and if people are avoiding it you know you have gone wrong during app development.

Another parameter is how often your app crashes. If your app crashes often, you are wasting valuable time of your employees and decreasing the efficiency of the entire team. To increase your ROI your app must be extremely reliable.

To measure the ROI of your app, you must also monitor how your app is being used in your enterprise. You should ask yourself: Is every functionality of the app being used to its fullest extent? Find out how the app is impacting business and figure out how to maximize it.

Finally, analyse if your app is performing. Is your app bringing something new to your business? Is it making work easier and more efficient? Was the money and effort spent on app development worth it?

It is important to rate your app developers based on the performance of your app. A good app will take a huge load of your shoulders, will be well used, wont crash and will be worth your money.

Plan your app according to the specific needs of your enterprise and thoroughly research into smart phone application development, platforms available for app development and app developers and make informed decisions. Good planning and app development has the potential to change the face of your business.