Patented new control technology: Controlling iPad with 3D gestures

There is a big possibility that someday, your iPad will not only be controlled by the standard touch control technology but with 3D gestures. According to the patent filed in the second quarter of 2010, future iPads may no longer be manipulated by touch control alone but with 3D gestures.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records show that Apple filed a patent application indicating a new control technology that will allow manipulation of icons, images, texts, cursors, files, lists, contacts, etc. by simple hand signals. There is a collection of different gestures that can be used to control all these elements like question marks, letters, check marks, or pre defined patterns which refer to pattern movements specified by users or a combination of default and pre – defined patterns. If Apple will add this highly innovative feature in the future models of iPad, this could mean a significant leap forward in 3D control technology allowing users to have a state of the art and highly unique way to control their tablets. The 3D gestures control system will enable users to manipulate their tablets remotely like across the room which is almost similar to the technology of xBox Kinect. The integrated voice control system, Siri, was not mentioned in the patent although this voice control technology already made its debut with iPhone 4S. However, if the voice control feature will be integrated with 3D gestures all in one iPad model, it could certainly catapult future iPad models into the forefront of innovative devices.

The patent application is also inclusive of video annotation as well as editing via the gesture controlled toolbar. It will provide a number of pre – defined 3D gesture commands for novice users although advanced users also have the option to customize their own way of controlling the tablet. The 3D gesture control will work using the front panel camera of iPad which means this technology will not be restricted to future iPad alone. Should Apple decides to integrate this new feature with later versions of iOS, there is a possibility that it too will work with other devices with integrated dual cameras including iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S, and iPad 2. On the other hand, older models of Apple may not have the processing capacity to support this type of advanced control technology so it will be highly limited to models with higher OS version. There is still no solid evidence when this 3D gesture technology will make its debut with iPad but online rumors has it that an iPad 3 may soon be launched in March 2012.

There’s no evidence as to when 3D gestures would be added to the iPad, but it’s widely rumored that an iPad 3 will debut in March of 2012. If this feature will be added in this coming model, there is a big potential to become bestseller on its first week. And for iPad app developers, this will certainly pose certain problems in developing new applications compatible with the new technology.

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