New battery problems for iPhone 4S: How will this affect major iPhone Applications

With a lot of customers complaining recently, it is more like a confirmation that the new iPhone 4S is indeed having significant battery problems. The question is how this problem will affect major applications not only in operation but in attracting new customers for their Apple segment. Literally, hundreds of people have been submitting their complaints in Apple Support Communities (official support forum for Apple) and other tech forums in the internet about the flawed battery life of the new iPhone 4S. Even if its marketing specs boast up to two hundred hours of standby time and approximately eight hours of talk time, the iPhone does not even able to last even half of it. Most of the complains in other online tech forums are about iPhone 4S not being able to last even for eight hours. Although it is not what the specs says, the battery of the new iPhone 4S seems to only last around four to seven hours. Apple has been known to have a lasting battery life, ten hours to say the least and this new model does not seem to be meeting the expectations of its customers.

How will this affect major applications? First of all, when Apple decided to make a major software improvement with its iPhone 4S, the new iOS 5 packed a great deal of innovation and some say that its new notification could be the root cause of all these problems. In addition to that, Siri, Appleā€™s newly integrated PVPA (personal voice processing assistant can also be a huge battery drainer. Customers are expecting Apple to fix this glitch as soon as possible without major product recall by providing an iOS update or developer guidelines for applications.

There is a major possibility that the new upgrade in the operating system of iPhone 4S makes a major impact on the overall performance of the battery. The faster it processes the data, the more energy it requires. Although there are no official statements about this yet, it is only logical to presume that the new iOS 5 is one of the reasons why the battery drains fast. One consumer states that after upgrading his iPhone 4 to iOS 5, the battery life dropped at ridiculous rate. If the battery issue is happening on previous iPhone 4 after upgrading to iOS 5, there is a possibility that the new operating system certainly have something to do with this.

If this issue goes on unresolved, there is a possibility that this will also affect future application development for iPhone. App developers need to come up with new app designs that will not be consuming too much power or potential consumers will not pick it. Majority of iPhone users who switched to iPhone 4S know this and if the fact that the speedy processing is one of the main reasons about the battery life fluctuation will be established in various tech forums, there is no reason why the iPhone community will not know it.

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