Native, Hybrid or HTML5 apps? A Complete Guide on How to Choose

With the integration of technology into our lives, we cannot live without apps. With a number of platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry apps development available, it had become quite difficult for an app developer to choose the platform to build his app in. When you build app, you would generally look for a large reach and reasonable
development cost. So how do you choose whether to build a native app, a hybrid one or a app on HTML5 app development? Well, here is a complete guide, giving you the benefits and demerits of each of them.
Native apps are apps which are built for a particular platform, like Blackberry app development, or Android app development. Native apps are most user friendly and have the best features. They support a whole variety of User Interface gestures like pinch spread and double tap. They give you fast graphics, it is easy to integrate them with your
geographic location, address book and other features native to your device. The apps are easy to use and are ideal for building games and highly interactive fast apps due to their fluid animation. These apps start up immediately and have a consistent platform feel, and you are intimated every time you need to update the app.
However, these apps are more difficult to build and require greater experience. You can build the app only for one platform like Blackberry app development, at a time, and hence you decrease the reach of your app. If you want to build your app on many platforms your development costs will increase significantly.
HTML5 mobile applications are more web sites for small screens. HTML5 app development works across platforms and can be opened using any mobile browser. Once these apps are written, they can be used practically everywhere and adding features or removing bugs is extremely easy compared to native apps like Blackberry app development and
hybrid apps. These apps are easy to develop, support and distribute. On the downside, unlike native apps you cannot access native information of the device using HTML5 app development. The user interface is not very good and offline storage and security are huge limitations.
Hybrid mobile applications are like a combination of native apps and HTML5 app development. Hybrid apps are web apps built using JavaScript and HTML5, using a framework like PhoneGap. This allows you to experience the best of HTML5 app development and native app development, by compatibility across platforms and allowing the app access to the phone’s native features. It has very good user interface and allows beautiful layouts.

Be it native app development like in Blackberry app development, or HTML5 app development, or Hybrid app development, with good app developers, you can build the app that serves all the purposes you intend to. Each of these present a number of merits and demerits, so choose according to the features you want your app to have.

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