Kindle Fire Tablets scheduled to hit the store on Nov. 15th

It looks like that the impressive Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, manages to be part of the news every time. Kindle Fire, which was unveiled just last September, has been well discussed this past few months for its selling features and how much it will be offered in the Amazon marketplace. But according to sources, at least four new tablets will be released on the fifteenth of November including Kindle Fire. It has also been announced at that Best Buy stores will be offering Kindle Fire on the same date.

Amazon is arranging to deliver all Kindle gadgets which is also seen as among the biggest expansion which the company offers for retail. Aside from Best Buy, other retail stores will also carry the Kindle Fire on their line of tablets including Walmart, Office Depot, Staples Target, Radio Shack, and Sam’s Club. One of the issues that have been faced by Kindle Fire is its Wi-Fi only access. But Amazon believes that people will be buying tablets not because of its 3G capability but because of the features it offer for video access, internet connection, e-book, and other related features. At present, the Kindle Fire comes with a seven inch touch screen IPS with up to 1024 x 600 resolution, an 8 GB internal memory, and a dual core TI OMAP processor 1 GHz in addition to its Wi-Fi connectivity. There are still not solid plans yet whether the some of the upcoming models of Kindle Fire will be 3G and 4G capable.

The Kindle Fire tablet will be running on Android platform and is priced at $199 which is pretty affordable compared to other tablets in the market with similar features. With all the anticipation that the Kindle Fire managed to spark, it will be very interesting to find out how this tablet will make its first sale from these retail outlets when other more popular Android tablets are running the show in terms of sale and public approval. But it must not be mistaken that the Kindle Fire is merely an entry level tablet for people who cannot afford the more expensive brand. This Android tablet offers some cool features that can be found from other branded tablets that run on similar OS platform.

Although still new in the tablet industry, the Kindle Fire tablet boasts up to eighteen million movie offers and this number does not yet include the number of available applications and other entertainment features including e-books, TV shows, downloadable songs, magazines, etc. This tablet also offers free storage using the Amazon Cloud for all Amazon content.

With this range of cool offerings and excellent features, it will be more of a surprise if Kindle Fire will not achieve its target sale during its first day in the open market. When all these retail outlets open up on the 15th of November, the fate of Kindle Fire will be tested.

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