Keep Malware Away from your Workplace

With technology becoming an integral part of the workplace, security has become one of the chief concerns of enterprises. Be it spying software or treacherous malware, online security is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems in the 21st century. As an enterprise, it essential you protect yourself from these threats, and here are some simple yet effective ways do so.

First and foremost use a trustworthy anti-malware software on your device. These can scan your device and tell you if any threats have slipped your defences with their security tools and software.

The B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device) policy has become quite popular among companies. These leads to a number of security issues like introduction of malware, mishandling sensitive data and so on. Work information should always be kept under a pass-code. Also, instead of letting your employees download information onto their local machine, you can instead allow them to access it on a remote server, preventing unauthorized people from viewing it. A BYOD policy is a win-win in a way. People are more concerned about malware threats when they use their own machines, and this leads to a more secure working environment.

Make sure your wifi is secure. Wireless networks are the most common target of malicious users sniffing for a wifi hotspot.

Always be wary for malware while downloading anything from the internet. Make sure you download applications only from the Play Store or App Store. App Stores run various tests to ensure the apps uploaded onto it are safe and free of malware.

Ensure your employees use the latest version of the OS available for their device. This is easier said than done. Some devices do not facilitate up-gradation above a particular OS, but older versions are known to be more susceptible to attack. Thoroughly research your device and check if it allows up-gradation before buying it.

These are some of the many things you can do to keep your workplace free from the malice of malware. It doesn’t need to be said that a little care in security can go a long way. Be cautious. Prevention is always better than the cure.