Is BlackBerry London the first RIM handset with BBX OS?

The market today is abuzz with speculations that Research in Motion (RIM) is about to release the first handset with a QNX based operating system. A leaked image of the device originally published on The Verve also carried features for the new BlackBerry handset which include a dual core 1.5GHz processor, touch screen minus the traditional QWERTY keyboard, a rear camera with 8 megapixel resolution, and an ultra thin body.

Due to arrive sometime in June 2012, the new handset is allegedly branded as BlackBerry London and as stated in publication reports, the RIM handset is approximately the size of Galaxy S II. Based on the photo features, the RIM smart phone has a user interface that is reminiscent of the PlayBook tablet that also carries a QNX based operating system. However, it remains to be seen if this new smart phone from BlackBerry is a one – off prototype or a sign that about the future direction for BlackBerry. In addition to that, the hard edges and silver frame denotes something that is a variation from BlackBerry’s traditional design of softer curves and black plastic casing. Research in Motion has been planning to replace the current BlackBerry operating system with the QNX based OS dubbed ‘BBX’ sometime in the next quarters. With this move, the company is hoping that the upcoming generation of smart phones carrying BBX will be a significant boost to help RIM reclaim its grip as a formidable competitor Google’s Android and Apple’s new iOS 5.

There is quite a mystery surrounding the new BBX and RIM on its part only offered scarce details about the OS’ user interface. The BBX OS will “support applications developed using any of the tools available today for the BlackBerry PlayBook … including native SDK, Adobe AIR/Flash and WebWorks / HTML5, as well as the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps,” according to the statement released by RIM last October 18. This suggests that the new BBX will inter – operate with the company’s PlayBook tablet.

Although the icons and interface coloring have been tweaked, the new phone is running a variation of the operating system used by PlayBook. A good example for this is the icon for its music app which looks more like an enhancement of the one seen on the version of PlayBook. But what is odd about the design of the new phone is that it strongly looks like the Porsche Design P9981. So there is also a possibility that this BlackBerry model is meant for other countries as well aside from Canada or U.S.

There is always the possibility that the leaked image is simply a prototype of RIM but no one can tell for sure unless RIM itself confirm or deny the rumor. But with all the information surrounding the new phone from BlackBerry and the veracity of its new BBX operating system, there is a big possibility that the BBX story is true as well as the specs associated with “BlackBerry London.”

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