How to Improve User Retention


Techniques like App Store Optimization, getting good reviews and extensive advertisements are great ways to bring new users to your app. However, to stay afloat and dominate the app market you have to be able to retain your customers. Statistics show that over 80% of the people that download an app, completely stop using it within a month of installation. To ensure the success of your app your objective should be to increase this conversion rate. This is a lot more difficult than advertising. People are always on the look out for your mistake and will abandon your application should they find any bugs or glitches. Here are some strategies you can adopt to make sure your users stand by your application long after installing it.

Constantly Innovate

Keep your users engaged with your app. Keep updates and new content constantly flowing. You do not want your users to stop using your application because they are bored of it or have nothing left to try out in your app. But too many updates often does not sit well with them as well. Attain a perfect balance, to ensure you keep them waiting long enough to build their anticipation, but not too long that they lose interest.

 Push Notifications, In app messaging

 In my previous column, I had dealt with these two issues in detail and discussed about how you can formulate a successful action plan for these messaging strategies. Timing, content and frequency are key. Neglecting any one of these units will affect the holistic progress of your marketing campaign. Also, build a personality. Create a rapport with your customers. Building an irresistible brand is the surest way to ensure the success of your app.

Social Media

 Social Media is a great way to remind customers of what you have to offer them. While this is primarily used to rope in new users, integrating social media with your application is something you wont regret. People love to talk about their experiences. Allow them to do it right from the interface of your app and before you know it, they will be talking all about you.

Understanding Game Dynamics

One of the most challenging aspects of creating a game is making it addictive. Understand what it is that your user enjoys most about your app and optimize on it. You know you are doing it right when your users come begging for more.

Assuring quality is the best way to impress your users. However, we are all human. Apologize when you have made a mistake, and more importantly fix it as quickly as you can. Show your users how important they are to you.