IBM to Create a Development Platform for Toyota Cars


Toyota has reeled in IBM to create a new in-car application development platform to facilitate the easy creation of applications for cars . This is a part of T-Connect, Toyota’s telematics service. Through this they aim to assist Toyota to create a comfortable, convenient and luxurious travel experience backed by software applications and services.

IBM aims to create a single platform that will enable the speedy design and delivery of applications. The new platform comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) and an emulator to speed up testing. Lotus Expediter for Automotive, an Internet of Things platform provides client integration tools to manage composite applications.

In-Car app development will bring a lot of exciting features to your car like custom navigation, car performance analysis, entertainment and trip planning applications.  We can anticipate some useful car related applications like direct connection to roadside assistance, intimation about road work and diversions, more information about your car, like a car manual and so on.

Toyota is not the first auto-mobile company to attempt to provide software solutions for a smooth drive. Microsoft has already partnered up with Ford Motor Co to create Sync. Apple and BlackBerry are also currently building their own in-car development platforms. Auto-mobile giants like Volkswagen, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai have collaborated with Google to form the Open Automotive Alliance for Anrdoid Auto to create an Android based SDK for cars.

This move clearly signifies the direction in which technology is heading. Software applications and services are creeping into  every industry to tackle simple problems and provide luxuries in our everyday life. This is one of the surest signs that the right now every industry needs a software wing. And more importantly, every device has scope to be programmed, they just need the right application developer to come along.