How to Get a Good Rating on the App Store

One of the first things users look at before deciding to install an application is the number of downloads and the rating. While everyone likes to look at the rating before they download an app, users are always reluctant to rate it. And surprisingly, this is not because they did not enjoy the application. Users cited a number of reasons for this in an internet survey, ranging from the inappropriate time when they were asked to review the application to the lack of incentive provided for rating it. Here is a compilation of some measures you can take to ensure your users rate your app.


Give them some incentive

This is an extremely effective strategy to employ, especially for gaming applications. Incentive the rating of your app, by promising in-app rewards. First reel them in with a great product and then a couple of levels into the game direct them to your rating page before allowing them to continue. Promise them in-app currency, be it coins, lives or a premium version of the application in exchange for their ratings.

In-App Rating

Another good way to get your users to rate your application is to allow them to rate it from inside the app itself. If it is not too much work, they will be more willing to do it. There are plenty of plug-ins available for both Android application development and iOS application development which allow such integration.

The timing

It is all about the timing. Do not ask your users to rate you before they have even explored the services you have to offer them. Wait for them to achieve something from your application, to enjoy it and be impressed by it. Then jump in and ask for their review. If you have set a good impressions with your application, they will welcome the ‘rate it’ button.┬áMake your users feel at home with your application. You can use instant messaging to send them personalized messages rather than relying on the old dialog box.

While these are usually effective, one thing you have to understand is, to be popular in the App Store you have to start out with a good app. Ensure it has a solid functionality and large prospective customer base. Let your app talk for itself. You know you have made a good application when users seek out the ‘rate this app’ button.